Give Away All Your Cares

By John P. Crause

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Give Away All Your Cares

By John P. Crause

Psalms 52 verse 22 says:

Cast your lot [in life] over onto the LORD [Yahweh], and he will hold it all together [for you]: he will never under any circumstances [double negative] permit the righteous to be shaken. (GBMV)

My First Responsibility

I remember when I was given my first responsibility or My first kind of job when I was younger. It was back when we used to sell Audio tapes. The kind that you would put in the car to listen to. And in order to make them we had to push them into a machine, that would copy them over from a master tape onto a duplicate.

And my first job I remember, was to sit there and copy it. I would put the the empty one in and I would copy over onto it. And that was all I had to do. But I had to be careful not to put the master in the wrong side, or I would overwrite it with an empty tape. And that was the one thing that I had to make sure not to do.

And so, I went about my job but I didn't actually pay full attention to it. I would sit down and I would maybe read comic books or something while I was waiting for it to copy over. And the one day I made the mistake of putting the master on the wrong side, and I overwrote the Master tape.

Fortunately, you know, they were smart. Everyone was smart enough not to trust me with the only copy of the master. So we didn't lose anything. But That was my first care there now. That I would override the master.

From then on I was very careful not to do that. I made sure that I did everything right. And I was really worried that I would mess it up again.

But I didn't mess it up again. Thankfully I learned from my mistake. And it became like my first care my first taste of responsibility as I was growing up. No matter how much you try to avoid it, you can't avoid carrying some kind of care in life.

Sometimes as you grow up, you don't realize what it's like to carry those cares. You don't realize what it's like for some people carrying the cares around. Especially when I was younger. I didn't understand that. I avoided responsibilities most of my most of my life.

But you cannot avoid carrying some kind of care in your life because, the cares are necessary. They're a necessary part of life. In the beginning when God made Adam, He gave him the job of looking after the garden. He wasn't totally carefree. He still had a job to do even though he was living in paradise.

That job wasn't a heavy job to do, it was an easy job for him because he could just speak to the plants. He had authority over the creation. But it was still a responsibility that the Lord had placed on him and a job that he had to do.

The Lord gave us all a job to do in this earth. He gave us the job of looking after the creation and looking after what he has placed in our hands. But it seems that the cares have gotten so much worse since then.

Every day we face so many different cares in our life we face, physical needs and physical problems, the cares that we face. We face the cares of other people around us, that are placed on us.

You even face spiritual cares as well, perhaps running of ministry or the call that the Lord has given you these are all cares that we face in life. At times they can become overwhelming for you. At some point you will be overwhelmed by at least one of the cares that you carry no matter how hard you try.
They just keep piling up and eventually you're going to be overwhelmed by them. You can only do so much.

Why All The Cares?

So, why did the Lord give us all of these cares?

I think the most important reason why he gave us some he cares and responsibilities, is to help us grow. Because if you don't have any care or responsibility you're not going to change. There is going to be no change taking place in your life.

It's a fact of life that there is no growth without some kind of pain or pressure put on you. If you don't get that, you're not going to change or grow. But it's become a kind of struggle now to keep up with all of those cares and those responsibilities that are on you.

I think sometimes the the cares that are placed on us, they also develop skills that we have. Maybe you didn't realize you actually needed those skills, but that pressure that got put on you actually developed you in a direction that you did not expect. And it changes the kind of person that you are.

In the end without the cares actually life would be boring. Because there would be no responsibilities, there would be nothing to do.

What would you do all day? There would be nothing to do. But the cares that become the problem are the ones that you think you have to carry, when you don't actually have to carry them.

As I was preparing this message, The Lord laid it on my heart to share about how his people seem to carry so many cares that He did not actually place on them, but that they think they have to carry.

The cares that they think He has placed on them. Cares such as, they have to be spiritual or they have to meet a certain standard that that the Lord has put on them. But the fact is that you are not perfect.

And the Lord does not expect you to be perfect and carry all of those cares yourself. Maybe there are cares that are placed on you from other people that you think you have to carry. Maybe because You think you owe them? These are all cares that we take upon ourselves.

Sometimes, when other people are struggling you feel like you have a responsibility to take on their cares. And you feel like you have to suffer with them you have to take on their cares. Sometimes they force their cares on you and that alone is one of the strongest cares, I find, is having to please others carrying a load that they've put on you.

Sometimes when you choose to carry a load for someone else, it could be because you feel that you have to, perhaps your pride gets in the way. You feel like you have to prove something. But then that only leads to you feeling guilty when you fail to carry that load.

It only leads to you feeling guilty that you failed. But the Lord never expected you to carry the load by yourself. He never expected you to carry it on your own shoulders without sharing it with someone else, without sharing the responsibility.

It is only gonna harm you if you continue to take cares on yourself without sharing them, even with those around you. It is only going to cause you pain. And I share this because I experienced this myself recently.

I had a kind of, I guess, physical breakdown where everything seemed to go wrong in my body. I realized I was carrying too many cares inside, that I wasn't sharing. And I was feeling a responsibility to carry those myself.

It caused me physical pain even, because I didn't share that with others. Not only that but if you carry cares yourself and don't share them, if you feel like you have to carry them by yourself, it disconnects you with God. You no longer have access to him because he stands waiting to take the cares from you.

But you feel like you have to take it yourself in your own strength. And so He steps back waiting for you to come to him. You lose connection with God and you cannot hear his voice anymore because you are trying to do it in your own effort.

At the end of the day it leads to you trying to do it in your flesh. And if you try to do it in your flesh, you are sinning and you are not submitting it to God. At the end of the day it is a sin and it is not what God wanted for you to do So what you have to do is hand those cares over to God.

As I said in the beginning, He said "Cast your a lot in life over to him and He will he will keep it all together". He will hold it all together. He's only a step away, waiting for you to hand those cares over to him. So that he can bring everything together for you.

He waits for you to give it over to him no matter how heavy the load is. Because he's able to carry the load that you hold. No matter how heavy it is, He holds it together and he doesn't have a problem.

He just waits for you to take it over and He promised that he will not allow you to be shaken or moved, if you would just hand it over to him. The unfortunate truth of life is that the cares will always be there and remain.

They are not going to go away, the cares and responsibilities of life will always be on your shoulders. But if you hand it over to him, then He can carry that crushing burden that is on your shoulders. And he can carry The load that weighs you down and stops you from going forward. He can give you a peace inside.

He will fulfill all your needs and make you feel light, so that you can walk the road without that burden holding you down and causing you pain and suffering.

It doesn't have to be a struggle with the load. No matter how heavy it is, it doesn't have to be a struggle anymore. It can be a light load because that is what Jesus promised us.

A Light Burden

He promised us that His burden is light and He will carry that load. In Matthew 11:28 it says:

Come to me, all [you] that are weary and are weighed down [with care], and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble hearted: and you will discover rest and recreation for your souls.
For my yoke is mild, and my load is light. (GBMV)

What that scripture seems to be saying to me is, you are going to carry a care that the Lord gives you. But it is going to be light and it is going to rejuvenate you even though you're carrying that load.

Now, there are some cares that the Lord does place on you. There are some cares that he will give you that you have to carry. There will be a time for you to carry a load that He has placed on your shoulders.

And that time is when the Lord has perhaps called you to a specific ministry or work in the earth. But if he gives you a load like that it's going to be a very clear load that he has placed on your shoulders.

If he gives it to you, it is not going to be more than you can bare. It is going to be something that He has prepared you for. It is going to be a load that He knows that you can handle, not something that will overwhelm you.

Just as it says in the word, that He is not going to allow you to be tested beyond what you are able to handle. And if you look at many of the men and women of God in the past. Sometimes they faced things that maybe you would not want to face.

Some of them were killed for their faith and they faced many struggles. But I'm willing to bet that if that is the call that God had on their life, that He prepared them for that. He prepared them ahead of time so that they were ready to face that load and it was not overwhelming for them.

It was a load that they wanted to carry for the Lord, to fulfill His call on their life.


So I want to ask you today, What is the load that you carry?

And what is the burden that is on your shoulders?

The Lord is waiting to take it from you right now.

He is waiting here to lift that load, so that you can walk free without struggle, knowing that it's there. Some of the load perhaps is not of the Lord and you need to get rid of it.

But if you give it to Him, then He will carry it for you. And He will help you to see what you need to carry.

What is the load that He does want you to carry?

If He has given you a responsibility, then he has prepared you for it. It is not going to be overwhelming, it is going to be something that is a blessing, so that you can extend his kingdom into the earth.

You do not need to fear because it is in his hands. And He never wants you to be overwhelmed by that load.

At the same time, He does not condemn you if you fail to carry that load. Because each time that He gives that to you, it prepares you more and more, that you will be able to handle it. He just waits to take it from you right now.
And I just want to pray now and I want to ask the Lord come now, And He shows you the burdens that you are carrying that are not of Him.

My Prayer

And father I ask that you would take that heavy load off of your people, off of each one who's listening right now. Ask that you would show them that you are there to take that load.

And they do not have to be alone in this, that they do not have to carry it alone.

I ask Lord that you would reveal to them your strength and what it is that you want them to do. The load that it is that you want them to carry. And I thank you Father right now for lifting them up in the name of Jesus.

Word From The Lord

"My child I did not place this heavy burden on your shoulders, that you might be overwhelmed, that you would not be able to go on. So with each step that you take, if you are struggling right now, Know that I did not place that burden on your shoulders.

Know that I did not bring this to overwhelm you and slow you down. And for many years you have thought that I had called you to carry this load. And that I had called you to do this and that I had placed this struggle on your shoulders.

But I did not place it on your shoulders says the Lord, so give it to me now and let me take that load from you. Give it to me and let me replace it with my load. With my light load that you can carry and know that it is of me.

Because when you know that that load is of me, then you will be able to go forward with confidence, knowing that I have called you to carry that load. Therefore wait on me my child.

And let me take that load from you. Let me show you the way that I want you to go now says the Lord."



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