The Victory of Praise

By Daphne J. Crause

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The Victory of Praise

I want to share one little passage of Scripture quickly from Psalms 18 verse 3. It says,

I will call upon the Lord [Yahweh] who is worthy to be praised. So shall I be saved from my enemies.


The last few days we have had a big run around and a big problem with our electricity. It's been unbelievable what has happened!

On Thursday around 6:30 in the evening, we were busy just enjoying ourselves and getting ready for the evening, and (bam) there went the power. In our area we do have a fair amount of power outs, but when you phone them they normally fix them quickly.

So I got hold of the the call center. I reported it and said,

"We've got no power.”

Then we waited and waited and I thought,

"This is weird. Normally we are on within three or four hours at the most. But it went right through the night until Friday, and right through the whole of Friday. I kept on phoning and saying,

“Any updates? What's going on?”

Wow we got so many different stories. The one was it was a cable problem. Another one was there was a problem between two roads. Another one was a substation blew up.

Eventually we found out the truth. A car had hit the substation and destroyed it, and they had to redo the whole thing which made sense. That's why it took so long to get it replaced.

Anyway eventually on Friday, at 9:30 in the evening, the power came on again. Yahoo, everybody was excited! We thought,

“Yes, we can get back to normal now!”

Two hours later it went out again, and the same thing happened a few times, even yesterday on Saturday.

Eventually it came on at five o’clock in the afternoon for good. That was after going on and off a good few times.

You know by that stage I was ready to tear my hair out. So were the rest of the family members. I thought,

"What is going on here Lord? Are we under a curse? Is there some problem? Have we opened the door somewhere where we shouldn't have or something?”

But you know every time we prayed or every time we journaled, the Lord said to us,

"Trust me, I'm in control. Just praise me."

As we went through this whole experience I realized the power of praise, because as we did it somehow my emotions were not as bad as they had been before.

With me especially it was a victory, because normally every time the power went out before I would really get stressed and think,

"What are we going to do? It's just horrible. We can't do what we need to do.”

It's like Satan was winning, but the Lord kept on saying,

"Praise me. Trust me. I won't forsake you."

As we did that somehow we got a major victory. And so I realized the power of praise, and I realized that there are so many things that praise can do.

So that is what I want to have a look at here in this message. I want to look at a couple of aspects of praise and what it does when you praise the Lord.

It Gets Satan Running

The first thing it does is it gets Satan running. Satan's plan is to wear down the saints, and he does that by bringing little irritations all the time. He wants to see how you're going to react to them.

You may have one attack after the other. You might have an attack and you get the victory over that one. Next thing something else crops up and you have victory over that. The same thing sometimes goes on and on, and you begin to wonder what is going on.

You know at times you may be tempted to begin to use your authority or attack back. That's actually what I did in about the middle of this whole crisis. I started to come against Satan. I thought,

"This is nonsense! He has to bow his knee. He can't touch us like this. Something must be wrong."

So I got into warfare. That was before the Lord actually said,

"Just praise me."

I started to attack back, which is often what you are tempted to do when Satan starts to attack you like that. You want to attack back, use your authority, fast or get into warfare.

But sometimes that is not the best solution, because the Lord has a plan. He knows what is going on, and He won't allow you to get into a position where it overwhelms you.

A Bad Decision

At one stage when I was younger and was learning about the prophetic, I decided the one time that I would do something every hour on the hour. I would submit myself to the Lord again, resist Satan and send out the angels.

I thought this would be a good thing to do continually throughout the day. Satan would not be able to attack and the Lord would help me.

But actually it was not a very good thing to do, because it was like attacking somebody without them doing anything. I came under such awful attack after that, and somebody said to me,

"You know what? It’s like you running onto the battlefield with your flag and waving it at the enemy when you actually haven't even been there. Suddenly the enemy sees you and now he wants to attack you.”

I realized you sometimes don't need to do that. It's good to just have a daily stand to and to submit yourself to the Lord. Just resist the enemy and he has to flee. But you don't have to necessarily do more than that.

If it’s building up to a point where things are really bad, the Lord will lead you and that's all you really need to do. You need to find out from the Lord,

“What's going on? What do I need to do?”

Often when Satan is attacking, the Lord will say to you,

”Don’t worry, I have it in control.”

That was like what He said to us. But if you need to get into warfare, use your authority or do something like that, the Lord will lead you. And when He does that He will tell you what to do.

He will show you what He wants to do. And when you follow what He says you must do, then you will have major victory and things will come right quickly, because you're following His lead.

You need to praise during times like that, because it’s more powerful than anything else. As I already shared, Satan wants to get you running around in circles. He tries to 'pull your string' so to speak.

He tries to see how you're going to react. And when he knows that you are going to react to something, he will try and do it more and more.

But if you praise, it gets your eyes off what Satan is doing. If you're unmoved by his attack, eventually he gives up. It's like attacking somebody or trying to fight them and they don't want to fight back. So that's what you need to do, and I've discovered the power of it as well.

When you are unmoved and you don't respond to Satan’s attacks, he suddenly thinks,

"Well I can't get to this person. Let me just go away now. I can't destroy them and I can't do what I want to do.”

Then you get that victory.

You have power when you speak words and you have power when you praise, especially out loud. You can't do it in your mind. I tried that once too. That didn't work, so you have to do it out loud.

You release through your spoken words and release that power into the air. Satan realizes that he can't get his way with you and he gets out of there.

Praise Gives God License to Work for You

The next thing that praise does, is it gives God free license to work in your life. When you praise, you are putting every situation into the Lord's hands. You're actually kind of giving Him a vote of confidence and saying,

“Lord, you know what is going on and I trust you to take care of the situation."

Sometimes we carry very heavy burdens around with us. There are things that are going wrong. Look life will never be perfect. We will always go through problems and difficulties from time to time. But you can give those difficulties to the Lord.

Often when things are getting too much, I see a basket in the Spirit, and I see that I’m carrying some heavy stones around with me. Then the Lord says to me,

"Give those things to me. Give your cares to me."

I put all those heavy stones into the basket and I see Him taking it away. It's just a way of trusting in Him. Then I begin to praise Him.

When you've given Him your cares and your burdens, begin to praise Him. Begin to thank him for taking those things, and begin to thank Him that He knows exactly what He's doing.

You cannot praise and have doubt at the same time. It just doesn't work. When you praise Him you are saying to Him,

"Lord I trust you. I know that you are going to work in my situation."

You put your confidence in Him. And you know your circumstances might really not be good. But you can have an assurance that when you praise Him, and when you lift your voice up and give Him thanks, He is going to do something on your behalf. He promised that all things work together for good.

Jehoshaphat’s Victory

I think one of the best Bible examples of this whole praising thing was of King Jehoshaphat when he began to face enemies. A whole big crowd of army was coming against him. He was pretty much terrified when he began to cry out to the Lord.

Then the Lord raised up some prophet. It wasn't even a major prophet; just a simple little guy, who was led of the Lord to say to him,

"You don't need to fight this battle. Just rest in me. I have this thing under control and I will bring you through it.”

When Jehoshaphat and the whole of Judah and Jerusalem heard that, they began to praise the Lord right then, even before they did anything.

Then the next day they went to go out to the battlefield. Jehoshaphat sent singers ahead of the army, to praise and to worship, and to give thanks to the Lord.

I just saw something so powerful there. You should praise the Lord ahead of doing warfare. If you're going to do warfare, it's actually so powerful to praise the Lord before you do it, because it sets the tone for any warfare or anything that you do.

As in Jehoshaphat's case, as he sent the singers and they sang praises to the Lord ahead of the army, the Lord just sorted everything out. The enemy fought against each other and destroyed themselves.

I mean that is just crazy! The armies who were coming to attack him, actually ended up fighting against themselves and the whole lot were wiped out. They came there and everyone was destroyed.

The Lord really took care of it. But it just was so powerful, because of the fact that they praised Him. As they all praised and joined together, they united their hearts and the Lord worked in an amazing way.

When you praise before you go into warfare or when you do something like that, the Lord will move on your behalf. It will set the tone for Him and you will see Him do amazing things in your life.

Praise Lifts Your Spirit

The last thing that I want to deal with is the fact that praise lifts your spirit up. Praise is the absolute best weapon for negative emotions.

It's not easy to do it especially when you're feeling down and discouraged, and especially when all things have come heavily upon you. But as I said, as you give those problems to the Lord and you begin to praise Him, it will begin to lift your spirit. You can be assured of it.

It's also the best thing to do to keep your positive emotions. So whether you have negative or positive emotions, praising actually does the trick for both of them.

It will lift you out of your doldrums, and it’s easy to praise when you're happy. You just say,

"Hallelujah, praise you Lord,"

Your spirit rises even higher, and you start to feel that bubbling joy inside of you; that fruit of the Spirit.

You need to praise the Lord daily for good things; also for the bad things and for the not so good things. You need to realize that the Lord is in control when you do that.

You need to surrender totally to Him. You need to give your day to Him and start it off with praise, because all things work together for good.

As you commit your day to the Lord and praise Him, it sets the tone for the whole day and causes you to have a good day. It causes the Lord to move in your life right from the word go, because you're actually trusting Him.

Right from the minute you wake up and you get out of bed, you know that the Lord is in control and that all things are going to work for good.

Sometimes your circumstances may be a bit confusing. Like for us, we had three days of hardly any electricity, it messed up our fridges and freezers and we couldn't do work like we wanted to.

But as we praised the Lord He did work things for good. We ended up meeting people on the community as we began to share. Well my husband did.

As he began to share on our community forum, he began to get known more and more. I believe that may lead to other things.

Who knows what it will lead to. The Lord may use him to minister to people later on, because they know that we are Christians and they know what we stand for.

So with all of these things, even though right now you can't see the good like that in your life, I believe that things do indeed work together for good.

Even out of this circumstance that we had with our electricity, the Lord can make good things come in the future. It all is like a progressive step-by-step thing. You need to just trust the Lord and know that He is working.

Don’t Discount Singing

Singing is more powerful than just speaking words of praise out loud. If you can sing, you need to sing and just praise Him. Clap your hands, dance and do whatever you want to.

If you can play the guitar it’s wonderful. I used to play the guitar. I've slipped back a little bit now, but I do still sing a lot. I walk around and I hold my hands up, praise Him and clap my hands.

As you do that you can start to feel that power as it comes upon you, because you're using words, you're using actions and you're speaking out loud. It becomes a very powerful exercise as you do it for the Lord.

I remember one time when I was extremely depressed. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but I just remember the Lord saying to me,

"Come on, sing and praise me, and I will help to lift you out of your doldrums.”

So I began to sing and I sounded ridiculous because I wanted to cry. I sounded like a billy goat as I sang,

"Thank you Lord."

It was a bit crazy, but I pushed through with it, and as I continued I started to feel my emotions coming right. I started to feel them gradually lifting, until eventually I went from depression to a joy that was just bubbling out of me.

I looked at it and was surprised to see what the Lord had done, but it was so powerful. It really does help you when you praise the Lord in all circumstances.

It's more powerful when you praise when you're feeling down. Because when it begins to affect your spirit positively, you suddenly feel it, and there's nothing that you can do to stop that joy from bubbling out of you.

It may take time to change your emotions from negative to positive. But as you keep on praising you'll begin to feel it.

And as you feel it beginning, it will get better and better and you will just want to continue with it. So don't give up, but keep on going because the victory is coming.


In conclusion, praise is very powerful in every circumstance, but especially negative circumstances. Try to make praise a daily habit.

When you get up in the morning, submit yourself to the Lord, resist Satan and then begin to praise Him. Praise Him that He is in control for the day. Praise Him that He will bring people across your path that you need to meet.

Praise Him that He will lead you into circumstances that are good, even if they don't look so good. He is in control. Take His hand and know that He is leading you, and that He will never leave you or forsake you. He will never cause you to fall.

As soon as you have set that praise tone for the day, know that it's going to be a day of victory. It will push the enemy back and will get the angels working for you when you do that.

The problems may still be there, but you will begin to see them differently. You'll begin to realize the power that the Lord has in your life when you put Him in control, and when you know that He is working for you.

So if you don't do it, I want to challenge you today to begin to praise the Lord more and more. As I said try and make it that daily habit.

Perhaps it's not a daily habit yet. But as you get up in the morning, begin to make it that habit.

After a while you won't be able to do without it. You will feel the lack when you don't praise the Lord. You'll feel that your emotions are going out the window again and things are going wrong.

So begin today and you will see your life changing for the better.

My Prayer

Thank you Lord, I just commit this whole message to you and I commit each one who is reading it. I thank you Lord that you are able to change our circumstances as we praise you.

I pray Lord that you give your people the ability to praise more and more; that you give them the ability to praise you in every circumstance and in every situation.

Thank you Lord that as they do it, you are going to move your hand in such a mighty way, and cause those miracles to come into each person's life. Amen.


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