Becoming The Best You

By Les D. Crause

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Becoming The Best You


Romans 12:2 And do not allow yourself to be molded by the world system: but be changed [metamorphoo], by a total renovation of your mind, so that you may confirm through testing [dokimazo] what the good, pleasant and complete will of God is. (GBMV)

Acts 3:19 Change your thinking therefore, and return to [what once was], resulting in your failures being wiped away, so that specific [kairos] times of refreshing and revival will come from the presence of the Lord; (GBMV)

Our year is coming to an end soon. I don't know about you, but it's been a pretty busy year for us. And while on the one hand it seemed to go very fast, on the other hand it lasted a long time, but it's nearly over.

And whenever we come to the end of the year, we try to take stock of
where we are. I know it's not quite the new year yet. I should be preaching this closer to the new year. But everybody's starting to wind down a little bit now. This may be the last chance I might get everybody's attention.

And I also have another important reason for sharing on the subject now. I think that you're going to find it challenging and inspiring. And I hope it's going to be a blessing to you as you come to this end of this year.

Here's some of the questions that you might be asking yourself.

1. What have I accomplished in the past year
2. What has improved in my circumstances.
3. Have I changed personally?
4. And am I happy with my progress?
5. Am I reaching my full potential?

Now if all your answers on those are positive then you don't need to listen to the rest of this message. Because you've already arrived. I dare say nobody's in that category. There's got to be at least one or two of those, that you never had a positive answer for. And so I believe I can help you.

Decide What You Want

Before you can become fully, who you are meant to be. To become the real and the full and the best YOU. You need to start by deciding what you want. Are you satisfied with where you are right now? And better still, is the Lord satisfied with where you are right now?


Well, what can be improved? In the natural we have the three things that make for happy living, that make life real. They are firstly our health, and I'm not just speaking about physical health. I'm speaking about mental health and
spiritual health, but normally we kind of think of the physical health, don't we?

Are you healthy? Depending on how old you are, the chances are you probably are fairly healthy. As you get older it becomes more difficult to stay healthy.
What's the state of your mind and of your soul and your emotions? And how is your spiritual condition before the Lord? All of these things combined together
make for true health.


And then are you wealthy? You know, I think even a person who has a lot of money would not consider themselves Wealthy somehow we never seem to have enough do we?

But again, what does wealth consist of? Does it consist of money in the bank?
Does it consist of the things that you possess, or could it consist of a bit more than that? Of some of the resources that you have; the possibilities you have; the skills you have; the abilities that you have.


All of these I believe can contribute to your wealth. And then finally, your relationships. Oh dear, this is the one way where we tend to fall down the most. Okay, could you tell me how many friends you have? If you say it zero, you're not alone, trust me.

What good relationships do you have in your life? Well, of course we have the best relationship of all, which is with the Lord. But what about your relationships with fellow human beings?

Family we will not even talk about, because that's a dicey one isn't it? But all of these things make for satisfaction in life. If we can confidently say, I'm happy about the state of my health; I'm happy about the state of my temporal life; the things that I have. And I'm happy about the relationships that I have with other people.

Are You Satisfied?

Then I believe that you can come to a place of satisfaction. But I dare say, these are all areas that most of the time we fall short in. So these are some of the goals that we may want to aim for. Now, included in all of this of course, is our spiritual life. And our relationships with the Lord, with one another in the Lord. With our ministry and our ministry involvements. And all of these activities.

There's a lot more to these areas of life than just the natural. Now if you are failing in any of these areas, you should try to identify where you are failing.
I want to just make one simple little statement. Why is it that all of these areas of your life are not satisfactory? And how can you improve them? How can we make our situation get better?

I want you to think back on this past year and I want you to look at your condition at the beginning of the year. What was your situation then? Then I want you to look at your situation now. And I want you to honestly ask what has changed? Has anything changed?

Setting Goals Does Not Work

I remember some years ago sitting and writing down my goals, of what I wanted to accomplish in the next five years. But then I lost them. Then about five years later, going through the old rubbish I found my goals. And do you know how far I had come in five years? Zero!

I was still in the same place as where I was five years ago, though I had these great goals and aspirations. I had heard them teach that if you write down your goals, it'll help you to reach them. Don't you believe it.

Why is it that we can have even great aspirations and desires, to improve ourselves and get better, and improve our circumstances and our situation in life. And yet it is just is so difficult to do.

Importance of Change

Here's a simple statement, If you want things to get better, you're gonna have to get better. Because if you don't change, your outward circumstance is not going to change; your life is not going to change. Nothing about you is gonna change.

Ten years from now, when you look in the mirror, the only thing you'll see is an older person with the same problems. Because until you are ready to change,
nothing is gonna change. Change is hard.

Change is very hard because we got used to doing things in a certain way, didn't we? That's a big subject and I'm only going to give you an introduction here. I want to get you thinking, and I'm going to prepare you for much more that is going to be available soon.

Failing Because of Temperament

I want to look firstly at where we fail because of our temperament. Now each of us has a different temperamental mix. Usually we are mostly one temperament, with some of the others in there. So see if you can find yourself here.

The Driver

Firstly, the driver. The driver is the hard pushing one. The one who has a strong will. The one who says, I will make up my mind and do it. And I will push until I do it. Sounds like the most likely person to succeed, doesn't it?

So you started off with a great big bang and a push. You said I'm going to do this; I'm going to change; I'm gonna accomplish; I'm gonna do great things.
And you know, what happened? You rode your car with the pedal flat until something went Pow, like just happened to our car the other day. And you came to a grinding halt.

You just burned out. Because it can't be accomplished with natural power.
I don't care if you're a driver who has that strong will, and can push through.
You will eventually reach a place where you can't keep it up, and you will fail.

The Expressive

Let's take the expressive. The temperament most likely to succeed in life, right? The expressive doesn't even anticipate problems. They just run over them. The expressive thrives on chasing after dreams and new goals. I have this exciting new goal, and I'm going all-out for that goal. Yes, I'm gonna reach that goal. And if you don't, I can tell you what will happen. A few more goals are gonna pop up along the way.

And after a while you're going to get bored with that first goal. Because an expressive hates routine; hates doing the same thing all the time. The expressive gets bored with going in one direction, and ends up going in five different directions one after the other.

Sometimes none of those goals are ever reached. So you may have started out with a big bang. But all it took was something new to excite you. A new challenge; a new goal. You're sidetracked, and off you go. You didn't reach the goal that you desired.

The Analytical

Then we get to the temperament least likely to succeed in my economy. And that is the analytical. The analytical over complicates things. Okay, this is what we need to accomplish. We need to look at this carefully. What if I do this? And what if that happens? No, that's not such a good idea. How about we try that?
No, that's not going to work. I don't have enough of that, and what about...

The analytical is like a tortoise. It just never gets going. The expressive is the hare. You don't have to be a hare to win the races as we know from the old fable. But you see the analytical procrastinates and puts it off. Because, we've got to get it right; we've got to get it perfect; we've got to get all the pieces together.

We've got to get them all in a row. And oh, it's so difficult, and the more you analyze it and the more you look at it the more you see how impossible it is for you to change. In fact for the analytical change is a swear word. They hate change with a passion.

The Amiable

And then we come to the amiable; the nice guy; the people-person. The amiable says, I love people; I will work with people. I need somebody in my life To help me accomplish this goal.

So the amiable waits for somebody to do something. And if somebody doesn't do something, the amiable doesn't do anything either. They say, I don't like rocking the boat; I don't like upsetting people; I don't like pushing my way

I like to be the nice guy and just fit in, and be friendly and help people. I need somebody to come into my life and help me, organize me, and push me. And maybe start things off for me and I can get going. Can anybody identify with that? If you're an amiable, you know what I'm talking about.

So which temperament are you, and what are your chances of succeeding using your temperament power? That's not sounding good, is it? So don't think that just because you have a certain temperament, that you are obviously going to be able to change; to grow and become what are you supposed to be.

Culture and Circumstances

Then we have other problems. We have cultural problems, and we have circumstantial limitations. Well you know, I'm in a cultural situation, where if I were to do that, it would just not be acceptable. It's considered bad practice;
it's out of the norm.

People are gonna look down on me, so I need to do it according to what everybody else is doing. That's the right way to do it. I can't do it the wrong way, can I? I'm confined to a system.

And If you're in the church system, you are confined to serving the Lord according to a system that's been set up by man, not by the Lord. And oh, it is so difficult to change when you've been programmed into a system like that; when you think like that group.

Now you have to break out of it. But who wants to be different? Who wants to stick out? None of us do; we're afraid to be different, and then we're afraid of
being rejected by the rest.

If I were to step out and do this, you know, people of my culture have never done this before. If I was in another culture or another group, that would be acceptable. But amongst my people this is not acceptable.

If I were to try this, they would say, Do you think you are part of them? You're going to get rejected. It's a difficult situation to break out of, because you're caught in a rut.

How You View Yourself

And then the way you view yourself, is also gonna make all the difference in the world.

Because when you look at yourself, and you see yourself too small, you say, I'm not capable of accomplishing that. It's just little me, you know, but other people just have it. They have everything going for them.

They have all the abilities; they have all the intelligence; they have the financial resources; they have the contacts. But me? I'm just a little nobody,
sitting on the outside. I'm the little black sheep of the family.

It's very difficult for me to change everything and become what I'm not. Besides, what will people think? See, that's your problem in the first place.
You're worried about what people think, and that's why you see yourself as so small.

Because you're comparing yourself to everybody else. You're comparing yourself to those who appear to be succeeding in this world. And even in the spiritual life, those who are succeeding in the body of Christ; those who are succeeding in ministry. And you compare yourself with them, and you say, I am small compared to them. How can I break out of this? If I try to do what they do, I will fall on my face.

You have a wrong view of yourself. In the end you're going to end up with false condemnation. Feeling guilty about something that, actually you didn't do wrong. Because you've been made to feel that you're not capable of this. And who do you think you are for even trying?

Finding Ways to Improve

You become overwhelmed with guilt, and you're not gonna keep it up are you?
It's just a matter of time and that great big plan or goal that you had, will fall by the wayside. How do we change things?

Identify Your Weaknesses

Well if things are only going to get better when you get better, then you need to find out what it is about you that needs to get better. You need to start by identifying all of your personal weaknesses.

It may need a large piece of paper for some of us. Sit down and make a list of all your weaknesses. And then make another list of your strengths. I think for most of we will have a big list of weaknesses and a tiny little list of strengths.
Or the strength list may not have anything on it at all.

Your Hidden Strengths

The truth of the matter is you actually do have hidden strengths. But you've never uncovered them. You don't realize that you have abilities and gifts that God has given you that you probably are not even aware of.

Because you've been so busy majoring on your weaknesses and how small you are, that you didn't realize that there are people out there that would envy you.

Some of those things that you have, that you just pushed aside and thought were not important. You might need a little help to uncover those hidden strengths.

Developing New Abilities

And then, perhaps you need to go about developing new abilities that you didn't have before.

Because after all, you are not static; you're not passive; you're not a piece of wood. You can change; you can improve; you can add to. You say oh, well you know, I could have done that when I was younger. These young ones, they have all the energy. Have their whole life ahead of them still.

But me? I'm starting to look down the barrel there; I'm starting to look down a road that's getting narrower and narrower. And one of these days, my time's up; I'm out of here;. I'm over.

Well, I can identify with you because I am there. You know, by my late sixties, if I haven't changed or grown or got better yet, do you think I should give up?
But I'm not giving up. I'm not satisfied with where I am. I want to be better than what I am. So I'm striving all the time.

And as I look at myself now at the end of this year, I believe I am better than what I was at the beginning of the year. And I believe I am better than what I was the beginning of the year before. Well, it took me a while to get there, and
God had to teach me a lot of principles on how to get there, because they are not obvious.

Ways Of Changing You

Many people will go right through their life into their nineties and never identify that they could have broken free. They could have changed; they could have grown; they could have embraced the fullness of life that the Lord has. If only somebody had shown them how. Well, how do we go about changing you then? There are ways and means.

Study Harder

Let me first show you the difficult way. You could study harder; improve your intellectual capabilities; improve your skills. Do you know how much money people spend on study? Education has become such a thing in our lives that people will go without food to get an education.

They hope that greater knowledge will automatically put them in a place where they will rise up. If I could qualify in something, I would get a better job;
I would get more money;. I would have a greater career. I could only improve my status in life. And that is certainly true;

According to the way this world was set up, those who know more are given more opportunities. But at my age, if I go on a big long steady course and try to qualify, they still would not give me a job. They will say, you are an old man.
We don't want to employ an old man. We want a young person.

But if you're young enough you could study hard, and it will take you years.
That's a good thing to do, and I'm not discouraging it I'm just saying that it's one of the more difficult ways of doing things. But there are easier ways, of which I am just going to give you an idea. I am not going to give it all to you yet, because there's too much, and we would be here all day.

Work Harder

Now you could work hard at it. You could put in more hours at work. You could arrive at work earlier and leave after everybody else has gone home. You could take your work home. You could set up your own business and do what happened to me when I first started my business.

I worked 18 hours a day. And the rest of the time I was sleeping. That's not a life. I remember it was Christmas, and my family had all gone off somewhere and were celebrating and there I was, sitting at my computer trying to program.

Poor Daphne, she didn't quite know what to do with herself. She had to wait for me and sit and keep me company. I had to get this job done, and I worked and I worked. Then I found there was actually a much easier way to do it.

I had spent months on hard work that I never could use. But I was determined. And I benefited from the practice; I developed some good habits. But it didn't change my life.

Join A Program

Now you could join a program which somebody has set up that will help you; somebody who can work with you.

Find A Mentor / Trainer

You might want to find a mentor or a trainer who has the knowledge and the experience. Who can show you what to do, how to do it. And who can stand behind you and kick your butt a little bit when you don't feel like doing it. These are good things all of them. Don't think that I'm putting them down,
because they very important. But all of these things try from the outside
to impose some kind of change on us.

And unless you are the kind of person who has the willpower and the motivation to keep following through, you're not gonna make it. Well
there is a way to improve your willpower. And there is a way to improve your
motivation. And there are ways and means to make it easier and better for you to use these effectively, and I will be showing you those in due course.

The Better Way

But there's a quicker way, and there's a better way, and we as believers have resources that other human beings do not have. You see, instead of starting from the outside, you should be starting from the inside.

Tap The Spiritual Forces Within

You need to be tapping into forces and the power that are within you now as a child of God, born again of the Spirit of God. You have dwelling inside of you, the one who created the universe. You have all the wisdom and knowledge
that there is to obtain.

If you could just learn to tap into that resource and draw out of it. You actually have more there than what you can get from the outside and in this world. You need to start working on your soul as well as your spirit.

Work On Your Soul

You need to start working on the most vital part of the soul, which is your mind. You say, but I thought you said that study was not the best way to do it.
See, that's the problem. All we know about using our minds, is to cram it with knowledge.

But you see, it takes a lot more and yet a lot less to bring this change. Go and look at the scriptures that we gave at the beginning. It says, be changed by a total renovation of your mind. The second one says, change your thinking.

Transformation Of The Mind

Do you know, what is the biggest thing that is causing you to fail? It is the pictures that you have in your mind. It is not your lack of knowledge; It's not how stupid or our clever you are. It's the picture in your mind. The pictures that have been fed in throughout your life, through your experiences.

What you saw with your parents or what you saw with your siblings or what you've seen at school and in the workplace, and everywhere you've gone. The experiences you have had in life have built pictures into your mind. And those pictures, most of the time, are negative.

That picture in your mind is what tells you that you're small. That picture in your mind is what asks you, who do you think you are, to be famous?
Who do you think you are to be wealthy? Can't you see where you come from?
Can't you see what you are made of? Can't you see what you look like?

The pictures of your mind are speaking to you louder than words. But they are words also that have been programmed into your mind throughout your life. Words that were spoken over you; words that you believed. Now every time you want to rise up and do something, these words come back and say to you, No you can't do that. Oh no, you are not capable of that.

Do you know what I'm talking about? All of these things are in our mind. But what God is promising us is a total renovation of our mind. Well, you're not going to do that with study folks. It's going to take a supernatural power to accomplish that.

However, God does not impose himself on us in any way. It will not happen automatically; it will not happen by accident, and nobody else is going to do it for you. You will have to make a choice, and say, I need this; I am going to make myself available.

It's extremely difficult to study. If you have sat in one of our classes for a couple of hours, you know it's hard work. But right now, if you can close your eyes and see the pictures of your life.

Becoming Not Doing

I want you to do this. I want you to sit and close your eyes and view the pictures of your life. Write down what you see. What do they look like?
Because I can tell you, those pictures of your life, Are who you are.
And while those same pictures remain in your mind, you will always be
who you are.

Until those pictures in your mind change and become different you will remain exactly who you are? So you will have to change those pictures before you can change your life. You will have to improve those pictures, before you improve and get better.

And when you get better, your life will get better. Your circumstances will get better; your health will get better; your relationships will improve. But we're living in hope aren't we?

The amiable is saying, somebody's going to come do something, I'm sure they will. Each of us has our own different methods. But at the end of the day, unless you can change those inner pictures, they will reflect outwardly in your life.

You Need The Lord's Help

You are going to need the Lord's help to do this. At the end of the day, it's not important what you do. It's important what you become. You see, a dog doesn't have to work at barking; it comes naturally. For me, the bark is hard work, because I'm not a dog.If I started to think like a dog, barking would come without me thinking.

Can you see the difference? If we try from the outside, we try to reprogram ourselves, and yes we can. But how many years have you lived now? That's how long it took for you to be programmed to do what you do now.

You have been programmed and I will be teaching you this in much more detail in the future. You have been programmed and to get deprogrammed is not an easy process.

But when you start to see yourself in a different way; when you tap into the supernatural power of God, He can take away the experiences of the past. He can take away some of those negative pictures of the past, and he can heal all those bad experiences. And that already, is going to bring you to a place, where you start to feel more positive.

And why do you feel more positive? Because you see positive pictures. When was the last time you listened to the news, or read it, and you got all excited about the future? Well, this government of ours, they're just not going to change. The country is a mess; the world's a mess.

Oh Lord, do I even want to bring children into this world? What a mess! Those are the pictures of your mind and your life's a mess because of the pictures that you entertain in your mind.

You Need His Thoughts

But we have the Spirit of God, who can put much better pictures in your mind. You have resources in your spirit, which if they are tapped into and brought up into your mind will transform the images that you see.

You Need His Power

The power of God will come in, and He'll overcome all of those weaknesses. And he will pour into you new strengths and new abilities. So that the balance begins to swing.

And when you make that list of weaknesses and strengths, you can start scratching those weaknesses out. Say, well that was one of my weaknesses, but it's gone gone, because I overcame it. You know, I never had that strength or ability, but God gave it to me. Now. I have it and I've been able to develop it. I've become a new and different person.

A New Program Coming

Lord willing, I hope to in the near future release a brand new series. A complete program will be made available, which addresses this subject in a lot of detail. I think it's a good time to do this as the New Year approaches.

I've seen unbelievers put together programs to teach you how to succeed in the new year, but God isn't in it. It's all psychological and natural. But God's taught me some principles, which are supernatural. I'd like to help you to change your life in the year ahead.

It could start right now, and the way to start right now, is to change the pictures of your mind. So I suggest as you go on today, after you're finished reading this, that you take time to close your eyes and examine the pictures of your mind.

Write them down; have a good look at yourself and then compare your life as it is right now. See how it links with the pictures that you have in your mind, and the visions and views that you have of yourself.

I do not believe that the Lord wants you to become somebody else. It might help by copying somebody else for a while. Because if they did something and it worked for them, some of that might work for you too.

But at the end of the day, you are a unique creature that God made. God has given you a job in this world that nobody else can fulfill. You ask, who little me? I'm just the one who sits in the back of the church there, you know.

You Are Unique

Yes you, every one of us. God has given you something unique to contribute to this world. And there are people out there who need what you have to offer. I'm sure I don't have to ask you, do you want to change your life? Do you want things to get better? We all do.

God wants you to and in the prophetic word that the Lord gave today, He expressed that desire. God wants to make you into something magnificent. And I don't care how many bad years you've had in your life.

The Future Can Be Exciting

I don't care. How many problems; how many difficulties; how many losses and failures you've had. You can look to the future and say, I'm putting that behind me now and I'm going forward.

I suggest you end this year on a high note not on a low note. We find this when it comes to the end of the year, and we ask people to give testimonies. Most of the time we hear all the bad things.

Most people say, I'm glad this year is over; it's been a tough year. Come on, we've all done this. It has been a tough year. I'm just going to end up with this little note.

Expect Pressure With Change

Change is tough; change requires pressure. We've been having that from childhood already, when our parents forced us to do things we didn't want to do. But it changed us and made us successful in some areas of life.

So I'm just giving you a pre warning that if you want to face this change; if you want to grow personally, then expect to become a different person by the end of next year.

That means it's not going to be a fun year. It means it's going to be a year of pressure, because it's going to be a year of change. But I can tell you,
each change brings greater results. Each change brings you higher on the scale.

The Final Reward Is Worth It

Until you can eventually come to the place where you can look back over the past year and say, my life now compared to then, there's no comparison. And people will be saying to you, do you realize that you've changed; what's happened to you?

You look different; you have a greater confidence; you smile more. What's happened to you; you seem to have changed? I want people to say that to me.
I know I've been looking the same way for years. Only thing that changes is the signs of age.

It doesn't need to be that way does it? I don't know about you, but I'm excited about the future, and I want us to end this year on a high note, in glorifying the Lord and thanking him for the change that he brought in the year that's been. And thanking him for the change that He's going to bring in our lives as
we step into the year that is going to lie ahead of us.

It is going to be filled with his blessings. I hope next time, a new YOU is going to show up. And if you stand up publicly, a different person. You will still look similar, but you're going to be different. You're going to be confident; you're going to be successful; you're going to be capable. Life is going to take on a new meaning for each one of us.

Thank you for your word Lord, I shared it as you gave it to me. And Lord I ask you to reach out and touch your people; inspire them, motivate them, lift them up, and above all, give them hope Lord.

Give them hope, for so many have lost hope. Because they tried and they tried and they failed and they failed. But Lord you're going to show them how to try and succeed. You're going to show them how to stop failing. You're going to show them how to move from failure to success.

And to live the abundant life that you desire for each one of us. And so I place in your hands, each one who's read this message. I ask that you challenge them and inspire them, and put a new fire in their heart Lord.

I Leave it now in your hands in Jesus Name


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