Discovering The Real You

By Les D. Crause

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Discovering the Real You

Romans 7:15 says, For I am continually doing the things that I do not want to do: and what I do want I am not doing; instead I am doing the things that I hate.

Verses 18 and 19 of Romans 7 says, For I know that inside me (that is, in my flesh), there is living something that is no good: for I really want to do what is good; but working out how to do what is good is something I cannot seem to discover.
For the good things that I want to do, I am not doing: but the bad things that I do not want to do are what I am carrying out.

And then Ephesians 1:17 to 19 says, That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him:
The eyes of your understanding being enlightened: that you may know what is the hope of his calling, and what is the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints;
And what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe


In the last meeting I spoke about becoming the real you; about becoming a new you. In this message we are going to continue in that subject and we are going to start by discovering the real you.

Perhaps you were inspired by my last message. Or you have just come to the place where you are tired of it being the way it is, and so you decided to change. You went out with great enthusiasm and gusto and thought, "I can do this."

So you decided to eat less and you got more hungry than before. You decided to exercise and suddenly you didn't have any energy anymore. You decided to do more, and suddenly you got so busy that you could hardly handle what you already had.

Have you been there? Well before you go about trying to change your life, you need to first identify what you already have. That is what I would like to look at here.

You see there is nobody quite like you in this world. Yes I know they say that there are at least five people out there who look like you. But nobody has walked in your shoes. Nobody has experienced what you have experienced in life.

There is nobody else in this world that is quite like you. Even though they may physically look like you, they are not the same.

Look at the Good and the Bad

You need to look at yourself and see what is good, what is already there and what doesn't need to be changed.
At times we tend to overlook that. We always look for the bad. We are always dissatisfied with the things we don't like. But you do have some gifts or abilities that are really good.

Just have a look at your life and see the things that you have already succeeded in. Look at what has already improved in your life.
You see you have not been stagnant. You have been moving forward and have grown in some areas. There are a lot of good things there and you don't want to get rid of those. You want to keep them.

But then you need to see the bad things that need to be changed. What bad habits have you developed over time? Where have you failed in life? And if you could, what would you like to change about yourself?

You need to deal with each of these differently. Like I said, we tend to often major on the negatives and we forget the good things that we have.

We forget all the wonderful things that God has given us and taught us along the way. We forget to be thankful for what we already have. We tend to complain about what we don't have. But we don't take the time to thank the Lord for the good things. The Scripture says,

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

So start practicing the habit every day of looking at your life and all the good things that are there and saying,

"Thank you Lord. I so appreciate what you have given me."

Hate the Bad Things

When it comes to the bad things you need to learn to hate them. You might say,

"Well you know they are part of me. And if you were in my circumstances, maybe you would also battle with some of these things."

We often try and justify ourselves. We make excuses for our failures and our weaknesses. We all do that don't we, especially if someone points them out?

If I find them that is one thing. But if someone else points them out, I have 10 reasons why I am that way. Then I say,
"It's not my fault is it?"

Don't compare yourself with other people. Just look at the things in you that you know are bad and that you need to get rid of. You must come to the place where you are no longer satisfied to have them in your life.

You must start to literally hate them. Because when you hate them, you are going to do something about getting rid of them. While you are tolerating them and making excuses for them, you will never change. That is just my introduction.

Three Areas of Influence

Let's look at your background, your experiences and your habits. These are three very important aspects to our life that have determined who we are, what we have become and how we succeed in life.

Your Early Life

You were born with only the basics. Did you know that? You were born with no knowledge of anything except the need to survive physically. The only thing a baby is born with is the knowledge that says,

"I want to eat and I need to eat."

It is a basic need and there is no other knowledge there. There has been no experience of the dangers of life, except perhaps what has happened with the mother and the experiences you may have had in the womb which are very limited.

But you haven't interacted with the world out there yet. Your knowledge is almost zero. You have had no direct interaction with other human beings, except again with your mother.

There are some spiritual experiences that have come down from previous generations. But by and large your spirit also is largely uncontaminated and ignorant. You come with a clean slate.

So most of us start out in a very similar situation and condition. But as we look at ourselves now we are not the same are we?
I am not just looking at physical characteristics. If you compare yourself with other people they are different to you. Why? What makes each of us so different and distinct?

The different lies in what was written on that clean slate from the moment you were born. The difference lies in what got programmed into you during your lifetime. And for each of us that is a different experience.

As you began to grow up you had to be taught to think in a certain way. It didn't come automatically. You had to choose how to respond to the experiences that you had in life.

You began to form habits through repetition, by doing the same things again and again, until you became comfortable with them and they became a habit in your life.

Each of us have formed different habits. And now as you look back on your life, you have a whole set of programs that have been built into you, that enable you to live in this world and to conduct your life.

Your Background Influences You

What you are right now is the result of three main influences in your life. The first influence is your background, your culture and your environment.

That is influenced by the place you were born into and grew up in. The country or the nation that you were born into molded the way you think and the way you look at life. The family that you were born into decided how you were going to think and approach life.

Also the church environment that you were born again in has determined how you view the spiritual life, how you view the Lord and how you view living as a Christian.

There are so many different denominations, different churches, beliefs and structures out there. And if you were born and grew up in a particular environment, the chances are you were programmed into thinking the way that that group thought.

If you attended church every Sunday and listened to the same preacher presenting their views, you begin to adopt the same views. All of these things have begun to mold you and make you into who you are right now.

We have a technical term that we use for that. It is called an archetype. I am not going to teach you about it now. The full course that I am going to be offering will teach you that in some detail and you will understand how archetypes work.

All of us have archetypes. And very often we are not aware of them, until we are forced to move out of our circumstances.

If you were to move out of your family situation and go and live with another family, you would suddenly realize that that family has a totally different way of doing things. It is not the same and you might think,

"You know I didn't think people did things like that. I am used to doing it this way. I saw my mom and dad doing it that way and saw my siblings doing it that way.

This is how we lived and conducted our life. This is how we ran the home. Where do these people get the idea from? It's totally different."

Try moving to another country, or sometimes to just another province in the same country. In some of the smaller communities you get little groups. Each group has its own characteristics that are totally different to another group that could be just 10 kilometres away.

It is amazing how there comes this group thinking. That is what an archetype is.

Your Experiences Influence You

The second influence in your life has been the experiences that you have had.

You have had positive experiences which produced good feelings, and you have had negative experiences which have produced bad feelings. In each case you had to make a choice on how to respond to those experiences.

Most of the choices that we make are emotional aren't they? We respond according to our feelings. So if you had a really bad experience and it affected your emotions very negatively, you respond to it in a certain way.

Not everybody responds the same. If you have had good experiences in life, you probably had good positive feelings and emotions. And so you learned to respond to those situations.

What actually happens is because of the experiences of life, you form your own little philosophy of life and how to deal with these experiences. You have decided how you are going to respond to good experiences, and how you are going to respond to bad experiences.

Actually each of us respond in different ways. A lot of that is determined by our temperamental makeup, by what kind of person we are and by how strong or weak we are. When good things happen, perhaps you decide,

"This is what I am going to do. Let's go and party."

Maybe you do that. But when bad things happen you say,

"I am going to sit and sulk."

Or, "I'm going to get angry and lash out at everybody around me. I'm going to become aggressive."

There are so many different ways that you can respond in. But you have made your choice on how you are going to respond. If you look at the person sitting next to you, they may respond very differently.

You see you have become programmed, and you have formed your own little mini programs that are running your computer. I have a technical term that I use for this. I call it templates.

A template is a computer programming word, and it is a set of program routines; a kind of model of how a program should run. You have formed your own little templates of how to respond to different circumstances in life.

And now, as you grow older and you re-experience those same things, you will tend to respond to them in the same way that you responded to the original experience. That is a thing we call triggers which we will also teach you in detail.

Your Habits Influence You

The third influence is the habits that you have formed in your life. You have formed some very good habits which have actually helped you to succeed in life. They have helped you to accomplish many things.

The beauty of a habit is you don't have to think about it. It comes out spontaneously. You have become so used to doing it, that you are comfortable with doing it.

When you as a child got out of bed, the last thing in your mind was,

"I should tidy my bed and make it look neat."

If you were allowed to continue doing that, you formed a habit of always having a messy bed or bedroom. However the chances are you had a fussy mother who said,

"Tidy your bed. It's a mess!"

"I don't feel like it, mom."

"Do it now or else."

Well after doing it for a few times, eventually you feel comfortable with it and it becomes a habit. And now as an adult when you get out of bed, the last thing in your mind is,

"I'm going to leave it a mess like that."

In fact before you even take a step to go anywhere else you think,

"I have to tidy the bed. I have to make it look good."

You see that is a good habit that was formed in you. It had some good effects in your life. And now as you began to apply that same habit to other parts of your life you became more efficient. You didn't leave everything a mess and let life just happen.

But not all of us form good habits. Some of us have formed bad habits. There are so many of these I am not even going to try and give you an illustration. You know what your bad habits are - if you will admit them.

Those are the things that are making you fail in life. We have bad habits in the way we spend money. We have bad habits with the way we use our time, with the amount of work we do and how lazy we are.

There are so many different areas that are affected. And because they are now habits, it is very difficult for us to change. In fact each person has their own little daily routine if you like. They have their way of handling life and approaching it.

We have a technical word for that as well. It is a big word that a lot of people throw around and it sounds very technical. It is the word paradigm. You have a paradigm of your own; a lifestyle that you have formed through the habits that you created and the way you approach life.

These then are three influences in your life that have made you into what you are now. There is your archetype that you were born into and were influenced by.

There are your templates that came about as a result of your good and bad experiences in life. And then there is the paradigm that you formed by choosing which habits were going to occupy your life.

Believers vs. Unbelievers

When you now look at unbelievers and believers there is not really much difference is there? An unbeliever goes through the exact same experiences as you do as a believer. So what makes you different?

Outside of the Lord actually there is no difference in these things between us and unbelievers. Everybody has very similar experiences with programming, and often we can overcome some of these by reprogramming ourselves. Or we can get somebody to help us to reprogram.

But here is the difference between a believer or an unbeliever being reprogrammed. You see outside of Christ, everything that you did was motivated by your sinful nature and was actually corrupted with sin.

There are a lot of programs out there that help to bring change. There are a lot of teachings out there in the realm known as self-help, where people learn to change and become more successful in life.

But here is the difference between a believer and an unbeliever changing. When an unbeliever changes a habit pattern that was formed through sin, they create a new habit pattern which is also formed through sin.

In other words all an unbeliever learns to do is to sin in a different way. Well it might be effective in your life. It might make you more successful financially, in relationships and things like that. But at the heart of it is sinful selfishness. The Lord isn't in it.

The Holy Spirit Helps Believers

You see as believers we have something that the unsaved don't have. Because we are born again, we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. That means we have an influence; a person to help us overcome all of the effects of sin.

The Holy Spirit is also there to give you new abilities and to empower you. He can give you strength and power to overcome those weaknesses.

He is also there to be your teacher. He can teach you how to change and how to succeed in life. That gives us a big advantage over unbelievers.

You see believers should rise up more easily and should be leading the way. Unbelievers should be coming to us and saying,

"How do you do it? Just look at you. You've always got it together. You always have a smile on your face. You're always full of joy and nothing seems to faze you. Everything you touch seems to prosper. How do you do it?"

It should be that way shouldn't it? But we don't often see it do we? Instead we see believers running to the world and saying,

"Please will you teach me how to succeed and to overcome my problems. Please will you teach me how to become wealthy."

Enemies of Success

Why is that? Because we have enemies which the unbeliever doesn't have. From the moment you were born again, you declared war on the realm of darkness and everything that it stands for.

The World System

You have several enemies, and the first one is the World System which is ungodly and doesn't follow God. It is a bunch of people, who together with all of their archetypes and their paradigms have created a system of selfishness and sinfulness to succeed and get what they want in life.

You as a believer are living in this world. You are facing pressures from all the people around you to conform and be like them.

Unfortunately, because so many of these people have presented all their teachings, I see Christians running to the world. They are doing study courses on how to succeed in life.

Why is that? Well probably part of the reason is because the church has failed to do this. But we are going to change that. We are going to show the church how to do this.

The World System squeezes you and forces you to conform. And if you don't conform you are the odd one out. You are not acceptable and people don't want to associate with you. It is one of our biggest enemies.

The Flesh

The second one is the flesh. The flesh is your own sinful nature that came as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We are born with a tendency to sin. It is resident in us.

You don't have to teach a child to do the wrong. You also don't have to teach us as adults to do the wrong. We have an inner nature that propels us to do everything that God intended.

We have to overcome that. We have to bring it under, and we have to stop it from influencing us.


Then we have the devil himself or Satan, with his gazillion hordes of demons that are all working against us. Unbelievers have it easy because all of these forces are helping them. The world is helping them and their sinful nature is helping them.

It drives them. The demon forces are also helping them, giving them wisdom and knowledge to do things Satan's way, not God's way.

That is why so many Christians are failing where unbelievers are succeeding. But we have something they don't have. We have One within us, who can help us to overcome the world, the flesh, and Satan and his hordes of demons.

We have authority, power and ability to overcome these things and to rise above them - if we will use it and know how to use it. But it doesn't come automatically does it? We have to learn these things.

That is why God has raised up teachers. Unfortunately there are too many teachers in the world teaching these things. But it is time the Body of Christ rises up. It is time that God raises up teachers who know the Word of God, the Spirit of God and the power of God.

They will know the truth of how they are supposed to be in Christ, and will teach God's children to rise up and become far greater than the unbelievers, until they start to envy us and say,

"Wow, I wish I had what you had!"

Your Motivation

What should be your true motivation for change? In the world it is always selfish and sinful. But with a believer this cannot be.

Does that mean God doesn't want us to have good things? Not at all. Actually this world and all the good things in it were not created for Satan and his followers. They were created for God's man Adam, his wife and for their generations.

They were created for us human beings. This world was made for us but Satan stole it. God wants us to get back and have what is ours. This world is ours, but Christians are too busy waiting to go off to heaven one day and leave it all behind.

Well the bad news is you are actually coming back here again. Because in the end the new Jerusalem is coming down to this earth.

We are going to live with Jesus on this earth and we are going to live and reign with Him.

So don't run away from this place. This is your inheritance. But your motivation must be a desire to please the Lord and to be the very best you that He has designed you to be.

He doesn't want you to be inferior to the world. He doesn't want you pushed down while they are lifted up. He wants to lift you up and set you on a pinnacle. He wants to show you to the world and to brag about you. He wants to say to all of them,

"Hey, do you want to see what a real person who is blessed by me looks like? Take a look here."

There is nothing that the world can desire that God will withhold from you except sin. And who needs to sin, when He has given us so much more, and so many exciting things in the realm of the Spirit?

You cannot be motivated by bitterness. And you cannot be motivated by lust or by greed because these are the roots of the flesh. You will learn about these in some detail in the course that I am going to be offering.

God's Plan for You

You need to find your destiny in life. God has a plan just for you. That doesn't mean that He sat down and decided what you must be without consulting you. He didn't force it on you and say,

"I don't care what you want! This is what I want for you and you had better do it."

That is not God's plan for you at all. God's plan will always include the things that you desire. His plan is based on His foreknowledge of who you will be, where you will be and how you will be.

He didn't just throw it together haphazardly. He plotted it all out. He saw you as you were lying in your mother's arms after you had been born. He was there and He was watching over you.

When you were crying all by yourself, He was there watching over you. When you walked out all alone, and when you went to school and felt rejected by everybody, He was there.

When you faced problems in the workplace He was there. He was there with you in every stage of your life. He knew all about you.

God knew what you would want to become, and He had already laid out His plans for you. He was not caught by surprise.

Things That Can Help Us

He has provided some extra things to help us along the way. The devil may have his hordes of demons, but the Scripture says that when Satan fell from heaven, one third of the angels fell with him.

Those are the angels who became demons. So you know what that means? It means demons are outnumbered two to one and those angels are available to you. Don't worry about all the demons that the unbelievers have. We have at least two angels to every demon.

There is plenty to go round. And God has made them available to help us to live and to succeed and to become everything that we desire to be, according to the plan that He has laid out just for you.

But you should find out what your destiny in life is shouldn't you? You should find out what His plan is.

The angels are going to be there to help you. And the Holy Spirit living within you is going to help you to walk according to that plan; to be everything that God has designed for you, and everything that you have desired from Him.

God's Good Plans

That plan is always good. It is always going to lead to blessing in your life. It is going to result in good health and it is going to result in wealth.

God never ever designed you to be poor. If He did, He made a mistake with Adam and Eve by giving them the most beautiful earth with the most beautiful resources.

You can go and read it there in Genesis. They even had gold and previous stones, and everything that this world considers valuable. It was made available to them.

God never ever intended you to be poor. That is a lie that Satan has promoted to stop you from having what God wants for you.

God wants you to have good relationships. He didn't leave Adam alone. He brought him the very best partner that could be with him.

God wants you to be involved and to interact actively with other people out there.

Unfortunately, because at times we have had bad experiences with God's people in the church, we have instead veered away and tried to develop friendships and relationships with unbelievers.

What is going to happen? They are going to try and squeeze you into their mold. They are going to try and change your thinking to their way of thinking.

In the end you are going to come under their influence. You are going to be envying them and trying to copy them, instead of being the magnificent being that God created you to be.

Reign as a Royalty

What is God's plan for you? His plan for you is that you are to become a king or a queen. His plan for you is that you learn to reign as a king or a queen.

That means you should start acting like royalty. You don't have to grovel.

Have you seen a king or a queen grovel? They don't even mix with the rabble. They walk with their head held high in confidence, knowing who they are. They are special and set apart and they carry authority.

You are reigning. You are ruling and are going to rule over this world. You can rule over your emotions and your sinful habits. You can rule over all of these things that are stopping you from becoming the full you that He wants.

What You Can Do

So where are you at? Have you found your experience to be like what Paul described? Do you find yourself not doing the things you should? And do you find yourself doing the things you shouldn't?

All of us have been there. All of us go through these experiences. But you see there is a way out.

The first thing you need is a revelation of who you are in the Lord. You need to know what He has provided to help you.

Then you need to learn how to use it. Lord willing, according to His call on my life and what He has told me to do, I am going to try and be part of the solution for you.

I am going to teach you some of the things that God has taught me. And I'm going to be showing you the way in a lot of detail.

We are just touching on the highlights now in these messages. It is just a preparation to let you know what is going to be available to you. We are going to study these things in detail, and we are going to go through practical ways of making them work in our lives.

If you want it, I will be there to take you by the hand alongside the Lord, His Spirit and His Word, and I will show you the way. If necessary I will correct you, but that is not the intention.

The idea is to help you become the new you; the new you that God intends and that you desire to be.

As we face this new year that lies before us, let this be the year that you become what you were meant to be. You are no longer being what other people want you to be. And you are no longer being what the enemy wants you to be.

But you can become the most magnificent creature in this world that God has created for His glory. You can stand up and shine. You can be confident enough to stand on a mountain top and shout to the world,

"Look at me!"

You might say to me,

"Isn't that pride?"

Well Paul said, "Follow me as I follow Christ. But don't look at me. Look at Jesus in me."

Become a Model

You had better have Jesus manifesting in you before you can do that. And once you have done that; once you have applied all these principles and become what He wants you to be, you can say with boldness and confidence,

"Do you want to change? Let me show you a model."

You see as believers that is what we are meant to be. We are meant to be a model for people to follow.

But do you know what models people are looking at? They are looking at the wealthy person out there who got wealthy by pushing everybody else down in selfishness. They are saying,

"That is the model of wealth."

They are teaching you out in the world,

"If you want to become wealthy like him (or her), do the same thing they did."

God's Way is Better

But there is a better way. There is God's way. When you do it God's way you are going to rise far higher than what these people are.

Then you can stand boldly and confidently, and you can face the year ahead without fear.

If you are an expressive, you will do it with a new, exciting goal to aim for. If you are a driver, it will be with a job that you can do.
If you are analytical, it will be with something you can lay out and plan. And if you are an amiable, it will be a year that you can really enjoy as you get to interact with so many more new people in your life.

Now that you have discovered the real you and you are beginning to get an idea of what the new you should look like, I think we are almost ready.

Next week Lord willing I am going to be sharing the third teaching in this series. And then I hope we will be ready to unleash on you the fullness, and to help you to rise up and become all that the Lord intended you to be.


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